How to set Speed Limit in Graph

Topic: How to set Speed Limit in Graph

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I have a question can i set speed limit detector in any units settings or in templates?

For example- i want to show speed in graph only if vehicle is moving with speed of 20km/h because i'm facing coordinate jumping in teltonika fmb125.
when ignition is off but vehicle is showing moving condition.so that i want to show only speed in graph greater than 20km/h .


How to set Speed Limit in Graph

Re: How to set Speed Limit in Graph


All speed is usually shown in Wialon charts.
But it is possible to solve your issue, just follow the instruction below:
1. Create a custom sensor based on parameter "speed"
2. Set 20 as lower bound in calculation table.
3. Add chart to the report template
4. Add line "Custom sensors"
As a result you'll see value of the sensor that cuts off all the speed below 20.

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