Wialon forum is meant for discussing Wialon software solutions, related issues and offers, as well as consultations with experts, concerning vehicle GPS tracking and fleet management.

Wialon developers, Gurtam specialists, are always eager to hear meaningful feedback and criticism, discussions and suggestions, concerning further development of Wialon products. However, no matter what forum section you use, please, observe the following rules:

1. Forum is created to discuss Wialon products, GPS/GLONASS hardware, M2M market situation and cutting-edge solutions as well as to share experience and ideas and consider any other issues, concerning GPS/GLONASS tracking business. Discussion on other topics within Wialon forum is possible in off-topic threads designed for this purpose.

2. Prior to create a new topic or post a message, make sure that their wording corresponds to the subject matter of Wialon forum. The text, inconsistent with this requirement, can be deleted by moderator.

3. Having decided to create a new topic, use the search tab to make sure that the issue has not been previously raised. If a similar topic does already exist, describe your question, problem or suggestion there.

4. «Hardware» section has a simple rule: a single topic should contain the discussion of only one particular device. You should not create a separate topic for considering any issues concerning the work with a particular tracker or other device, which has already been discussed within other topic. In case if you want to create a new topic about the device never mentioned at forum, entitle it according to the device name in the list of GPS and GLONASS hardware at Gurtam website.

5. Messages content and meaning should correspond to the topic they are posted in. Insignificant messages and messages, remote from the subject, can be deleted. As well as messages, violating intellectual property rights or disclosing state and other secrets.

6. Posting of links to external sources without the prior consent of forum administration is not welcomed. The exception is made for your company website in your profile.

7. Forum messages are posted without pre-moderation, that’s why all the responsibility for their content is borne by the author. Before posting a message make sure that it doesn’t violate legislative rules, or contain any calls for violence and profanity. If this rule is not observed, the message will be deleted as soon as possible.

8. It’s strongly forbidden to discuss the methods of Gurtam license agreement violation, as well as cracking of any software. We respect our colleagues’ intellectual property rights.

9. It’s forbidden to post advertising messages at any part of the forum, except for «Purchase and sale of hardware, software and services" topic, as well as make advertising mailout to forum users.

10. It is forbidden to publish correspondence with Gurtam employees including letters of technical support specialists.

11. All forum visitors are divided into several groups:
Guest — not registered users, who could only read the open part of the forum.
Wialon fan— registered users, who can create new topics and answer the existing ones.
Partner — Gurtam partners, participating in partner program and having full access to partner section.

Partner section is available only for current Gurtam partners, participating in partner program. In order to get the access to the partner section, you should send an application for participation in partner program to your regional manager.

Partner section participants should state the real personal info in the profile, specifying at least three of the following four points:
- company name
- website link
- city/business region
- personal name
Partner section participants should also take active part in discussions and post not less than 5 messages monthly.

Gurtam expects all forum participants to show respectful attitude towards each other. We’re sure that you will satisfy our expectations and in any discussion behave yourself respectively.

Thank you for your understanding and complying with Wialon forum rules.