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is it possible to implement adding 2 codes for 1 driver, this will be helpful since  We have some accounts that use driver id but with different trackers.

as you know the driver id code that being sent from galielosky devices is not as teltonika and other trackers.

so lets suppose that the first one will send the driver id as (code1) and the second one will send it as (code2).

right now i have to add  the driver twice  but with 2 different codes.

if the above were implemented  I can  add 1 driver with 2 different codes.

we can also use it if the driver has 2 tag


1 Driver 2 Codes

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Re: 1 Driver 2 Codes

Hello hasan.ahmed,

If I understand you correctly, your driver has one iButton, which is used for two different trackers (Teltonika and Galileosky).
In this case, you can try to use the following checkboxes in the device settings:
- registration ibutton as hex for Galileosky tracker;
- reverse ibutton for Teltonika tracker (see screenshots).

If you have any questions about this, please, send me unit example in private message.

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  • 1 Driver 2 Codes
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