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Topic: Idle Reports and Notifications

Is everyone able to get accurate notification and reports on Engine Over Idle violations which is Engine On while car not moving for longer than set period? There have been lots of wrong reports. Gurtam support has given me at least 2 types of notification configuration to solve inaccuracies but both have problem.

There are 2 scenarios where these types of notification becomes problematic:

1. No GPS, Yes GPRS.         Normal ignition sensor -- Fail
                                      Igor Custom Ignition  -- OK
                                      Alexander Speed Control on Custom Ignition- Fail
                                      test 15 Idle Control on Custom Ignition -- Fail
(Example vehicle enters a building that has a gprs repeater but no gps)

2. No GPS, No GPRS.    Normal ignition sensor -- Fail
                                     Igor Custom Ignition -- Fail
                                     Alexander Speed Control on Custom Ignition -- Fail
                                     test 15 Idle Control on Custom Ignition -- Fail
(Example vehicle enters building with no GPRS repeater and no GPS)

I checked back my emails to support and this idle report has been an issue since 2011 and there is still no clear solution. Ive had dozens of emails back and forth. The most recent test configuration was just the other day and its wrong wherein the idle violation notification continues even if there were no messages received from unit or even  if an Ignition Off message has already been received. My customers are fuming. Does anybody have a tried and tested solution?

I think developers must try the approach of  making immediately an Idles Report based on Messages. Then maybe a notification based on it.


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Idle Reports and Notifications

Re: Idle Reports and Notifications


without gps custom sensor takes undefined values as it is based on the speed parameter.
How would you like to know whether it was idle or not if you do not have any information about the speed (which is gps data too)?
The system operates with the last known state which could be "speed = 0, ignition = 1".

I suggest that you try reports not notifications. Use the Engine hours table with Ignition Sensor as Engine hours sensor and add some filtration:
- Sensors: with Speed sensor on (it is on when the speed is less than regular min moving speed - about 2-3 km/h) and Retrieve on/off intervals option enabled.
- Duration: Min duration = 30 min.