Fleet monitoring app

Topic: Fleet monitoring app

Hi, I am looking for a fleet management software.
I was considering Fleetio but I am not a very experienced user and the interface is difficult for me. But the main disadvantage is the lack of visualizations in basic reporting. Also AUTOsist but there is no map view of vehicles and again limited visualization capabilities.
Please advise more options, I will be very grateful!


Fleet monitoring app

Re: Fleet monitoring app

Yes, the Fleetio interface is difficult for beginners. If you are already here, you can try Wialon, which has many control options. And besides that, there are other applications, you can see a comparison of the most popular ones here https://www.flexihub.com/best-fleet-man … -software/ where you will see the pros and cons of each option and choose the one that suits you.
In addition, there are many videos on YouTube about the various features of Fleet management.
Good luck with your search!