Routing tool in Wialon Hosting

Topic: Routing tool in Wialon Hosting

Hello, dear partners!

Recently, we often receive requests to implement different options in the Routing tool. For example, one of the most popular is the addition of the ability to build routes taking into account the restrictions for trucks.
In this regard, I would like to understand how often you use this tool and for what purposes the constructed routes are used.

I ask you to choose one of the options offered in the survey. I will also be grateful for any feedback on the topic of the post: perhaps you have a reference implementation of this tool in mind, and you would like to see something similar in Wialon, or you have suggestions on how to make the tool as efficient and useful as possible.

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon

Routing tool in Wialon Hosting

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Re: Routing tool in Wialon Hosting

Hello mana,
I believe Logistics and Nimbus is going in the right way, but we need also some others easier/quicker ways of routing, that's why I created this topic. My suggestions are here:


Fernando Brochetto
Technical Support, Rastreasul


Routing tool in Wialon Hosting

Re: Routing tool in Wialon Hosting

mana, Possibility of creating geofences based on calculated route is also a great feature.