Routing tool in Wialon Hosting

Topic: Routing tool in Wialon Hosting

Hello, dear partners!

Recently, we often receive requests to implement different options in the Routing tool. For example, one of the most popular is the addition of the ability to build routes taking into account the restrictions for trucks.
In this regard, I would like to understand how often you use this tool and for what purposes the constructed routes are used.

I ask you to choose one of the options offered in the survey. I will also be grateful for any feedback on the topic of the post: perhaps you have a reference implementation of this tool in mind, and you would like to see something similar in Wialon, or you have suggestions on how to make the tool as efficient and useful as possible.

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon

Routing tool in Wialon Hosting

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Re: Routing tool in Wialon Hosting

Hello mana,
I believe Logistics and Nimbus is going in the right way, but we need also some others easier/quicker ways of routing, that's why I created this topic. My suggestions are here:


Fernando Brochetto
Technical Support, Rastreasul


Routing tool in Wialon Hosting

Re: Routing tool in Wialon Hosting

mana, Possibility of creating geofences based on calculated route is also a great feature.


Routing tool in Wialon Hosting

Re: Routing tool in Wialon Hosting

Dear partners,

Let me announce the release of the upgraded Routing tool in Wialon. The new version focuses on freight transportation and allows managers to build optimized routes while taking into account the most diverse factors. So, here’s what’s new in Routing:

Extra functionality for cargo transport. The user indicates the vehicle size and weight, chooses a hazardous cargo type if applicable, and ticks multiple boxes with factors to avoid and to prioritize. We hope that it will help your customers build the most suitable routes and increase their profits. Available for map services Here, Trimble, Sygic. 
Integration with new map service providers: Trimble, HERE, and Sygic. The user gets access to their functionality within Wialon itself.
More opportunities in the current map services. We have added more options and features to the services that have already been integrated (Google Maps, Mapbox, Namaa, etc.). Now your customer can use them more diversely.
An ultra versatile solution. Businesses can build routes for light commercial vehicles, trucks, and on-foot couriers and amend the itinerary depending on different factors on the road.
Up-do-date design. The Routing by Wialon has completely revisited its logic of work with points. Now the user chooses how to indicate the departure and destination points, as well as waypoints. Also, a number of other new features have been added – check them out.
More control to the partner. The map service management tools have been transferred to the CMS and belong to the top account, i.e. the account of a Wialon partner. Now only you can select and deactivate map service providers, choose which of their services will be available to the user, and integrate them into websites. 

More information: https://gurtam.com/en/blog/routing-update-2022

The Routing extended functionality is already available in Wialon. I’m inviting you to test it, leave a comment in this thread or share your opinion through a special feedback form directly in the tool.

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon