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Now in Wialon we have possibility of registering driver's shift, but as I know we can just enter exact date of starting and end of shift. This useful when you  deliver a vehicle to driver for some days/months. It would be great if we have a possibility to define some different shifts per day and Wialon assign automatically drivers to vehicles based on that. Consider that a company has 3 working shifts per day:

1st Shift    >>>   00:00-08:00
2nd Shift   >>>   08:00-16:00
3rd Shift    >>>   16:00- 00:00

each vehicle has 3 different drivers:

1st Shift driver      >>>   A
2nd Shift driver     >>>   B
3rd Shift driver      >>>   C

The purpose is it define 1st shift for the driver A on Vehicle X, 2nt Shift for the driver B on vehicle X and 3rd shift for the driver C on vehicle X for all days.
Another example, a company has some vehicles and some drivers. they have also 2 shifts:

1st Shift   >>>   10:00-14:00
2nd Shift  >>>   14:00-18:00

The Driver E works everyday in 1st shift on the vehicle Y and in 2nd shift on the vehicle Z.


Drivers Shifts

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Still no response on my post?


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Drivers Shifts

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Dear hhamedk,

Sorry for a such delayed reply!

At first sight your suggestion does not look complex, but the more I think it through the more I find it pretty difficult to implement. Let me explain.

At first I thought about something like on the picture1 - see it attached. To improve the shifts settings, to make the shifts creation more agile and make it possible to create them in the future. Is that something you wanted to see in the system, isn't it?

But after that I started to think about several drivers on one unit and their shifts. In the example you have shared with 3 drivers it would be a pretty complicated and boring piece of job to create for each one of them the same shifts but in different time periods... And then any changes in the shifts (e.g. a few minutes forward or backward) will affect other drivers on that unit and you should solve it manually... Thus, it would be more logically to put the shifts' management to the unit, right? So that unit's utilization by shifts could be managed in the unit's settings...

OR you could create unit's shifts in the unit settings and then go to the Drivers tab and link drivers to the created shifts. But that would not be very easy to use as well, since the feature is divided into several tabs of the system.

With all those thoughts the scope of the feature seems to be a lot more than it was in the beginning.

I do understand the problem you face, but at the moment I cannot see the perfect solution to solve it. It would be great to hear your thoughts on that. Which solution is better for you and why, what would suit you best.

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Maryia Paklonskaya
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Drivers Shifts

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Hi mapa

Is that something you wanted to see in the system, isn't it?

Yes, you understood it correctly.

Let's think about this case another way:

First of all I believe that we can remove the (manual) shift registration button from front of each driver in drivers' list as after implementing the new functionality each shift without recurrence can be considered as a manual shift registrant.

We can add a global button for shift registration on top of drivers' list just beside Automatic Binding List button. When an user click on this button first should select an unit and all data related to shift's management of that unit will be shown. This way the next step would be like what you have shown in screenshot.

As you know, shifts are related to drivers and it's better to have them under driver module while from backend there maybe some relations with units. I guess with this approach the problem you mentioned will be solved and also system will be more user friendly.

Please let me know what you think.


Drivers Shifts

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hhamedk, thank you for the comments!

I fully agree with you that shifts should be on the Driver's tab. The same improvements should also be added for the Trailers tab since the Drivers and Trailers tabs are pretty the same.

I will add the issue to the list of improvements. However, the improvement should not be expected to be implemented soon. I will notify you in this thread once there are any updates.

Thank you!

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Maryia Paklonskaya
Wialon Business Analyst

"The important thing is not to stop questioning" (c)