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My name is Marko and I am the project manager at RCLteh. Below are my suggestions on how to improve Fleetrun taken from feedback of my clients and my own evaluation. The feedback I got is from companys that operate more then 100 vehicles.

1. More input fields when creating a service by hand
Currently there are only two input fields available Name and Description. While it is true that you can write what ever you want in the Description fields this field is not available when looking at the archive or upcoming services. You need to click each service and see the description.

I suggest adding the ability to create custom fields that can be shown in Upcoming/Archive services with out the need to click on the service to see the information.

My clients would want a field that contains the company/mechanic that is planned to do the service and then they would want the ability to create reports so they could see how much they spent at each mechanic shop/company.

2. Manually created services are not able to send notifications
Currently if you create a service by hand there is no way to get a notification for that service before the due date.

For example lets say you create a service called tire change with due date 1.1.2020. There is no option/setting or anything that will send you a notification lets say for example 10 days before that date.

The system gives you the option of creating a service by hand but that option is useless if you cant get a notification for it.

3. Reporting
When creating a report for Due services that are planned there is no Due date in the generated report. Its only Term of completion column that has number of days till the Due date. I think Due data should also be included as it makes it faster to see what needs to be done. With Term of completion you need to look at the calendar and calculate your planning and so on.

4. Creating work orders for employees

The feedback I got from my clients is that the system need some kind of ability to create work orders for employees to have some sort of a paper trail of what is being done to the vehicle.

Work order are very important for the employee as it tell him what needs to be done and who needs to do it.
Work orders are very important for mechanics as it tells them what seems to be the issue, who they can call for more information, for what company is the work being done etc.
Work order also create a paper trail of work on the vehicle that the client can check if something is out of line.

For each planned service we should have the ability to create a work order that contains information:
- about the planned service(like a report)
- information about the client that is generating the work order(logo, contact information, company information)
- name and address of the mechanic shop the vehicle is supposed to go
- an empty field so the mechanic can write what was done on the vehicle
- a field so the mechanic can write status of odometer at the time of service
- a empty field for date of service
- price of service
- check box for Fleetrun(service was written into fleetrun or not)

When the service is done and the employee brings back the work order the Fleetrun admin in the company has complete information and he can complete the service. He also has a paper trail for every service.

Attaching a work order example from my client translated to English.
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o9D … sp=sharing

5. In the Services tab there is no way to sort the upcoming services by due date so you could see fast what services are the most urgent to do. If you want to get this information you need to create a report and sort it there.

Best regards,


Fleetrun feedback

Re: Fleetrun feedback

Dear Marko, markoRCLteh.

I appreciate your feedback and it is not ignored.

I just need some more time to process it and share my ideas on it.

Thanks for your patience, will get back to you soon.

Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam

Fleetrun feedback

Re: Fleetrun feedback

Dear Marko markoRCLteh,

Below are my comments to your requests:

1. More input fields when creating a service by hand.

Some other partners have already reached me out with the very same request of having an ability to enter custom information when registering services in Fleetrun.

While I find it to be quite a reasonable request, I have some concerns and questions regarding it:

1) You can actually see the information entered in the Description field being on the screen with the list of services as well as in reports. See below:

Fleetrun feedback

Yes, at the moment you are not able to run a report by a particular mechanic shop or company, but the basic information can be made available with the help of Description field.

2) What are other custom fields that your partners might be interested in?

3) Why it is necessary to get reports on how much (money, I guess) is spent at each of the mechanic shop? What do your clients do with this information further?

Anyway, this idea is submitted to our backlog of request for further development of the application. But the more information we will have on it and its necessity, the higher are the chances it will be implemented.

2. Manually created services are not able to send notifications

It is a good point that we will take into consideration.

The context behind the fact that such a notification was not yet implemented is that we believed that first and foremost the manual creation will be used for registering an unplanned service in the nearest future (the case: the vehicle became broken all of a sudden and requires to be taken to a workshop in the nearest possible future) or registering a closed service retrospectively. Thus, the notification is not necessary.

Could you please give us more details on how often you use manual creation of services? What are the cases that make you perform services that are not planned?

Again, I have noted this idea already (with the previous time you asked about it), but our deeper understanding of why you and your clients require such an addition increases the chances of it reaching the development.

3. Reporting | Displaying of an actual due date rather than terms of completion

It will be possible to do for services that are based on the intervals by days, but not for services based on intervals by mileage and engine hours.

For the former ones, we will consider the display of the corresponding data. Please stay updated.

4. Creating work orders for employees

Is my understanding correct that basically a work order is some aggregated information on a service that is given to a person who will perform the service?

Without going deep into details, my biggest concern here is that the format of a work order can differ from company to company and it won't be possible to have one unified format. Some companies will require the fields/info that you have described, others will require different information.

What do you think about this?

5. Sorting upcoming services by more urgent ones.

It seems to be quite a good suggestion. I note it down for further analysis.

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Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam

Fleetrun feedback

Re: Fleetrun feedback


Thanks for your response.

1. Input fields
Having an input field about the mechanic/workshop is useful not just because of having the possibility of calculating how much you spend with them but also because you can have some sort of history of what car they were working on. It enables the possibility of having an overview of how much work and money you give each shop and that drives your decisions. An example a manager gave me is that he wants too keep a good relationship with a few mechanics so he wants to distribute his services/work to them in a good way. Having an input field for mechanic/workshop would enable him to see how much work he gives to each shop.

It also important to note that things are very different if you are keeping track of 10 vehicles or 100 vehicles.

There was one other specific request related to how the client payed for the service. They would want to know if the service was done under warranty, if the insurance covered the service(damage related) or the client had to pay for it.

2. Manually created services

First of all I think its just bad design to have the ability of creating a manual service and not having the option to get a notification for it. That is the whole point of the system to get notifications and you cant get them if you create a service by hand.

As you said it your self manual services are intended for unexpected work to the vehicle and I agree but if you have lets say 50 vehicles unexpected things happen all the time(broken mirrors, lights not working, window wiper replacement, washer fluid refill, tire change etc.) and in case of trucks some vehicles do not come home for a few weeks so you need some kind of reminder that you need to do this and that.

The customer I am talking with wants to have registration/technical inspection events all be done manually because he has a lot of different types of vehicles and these vehicles are used for different purposes(cargo transport, public transportation etc.)

For example a new personal vehicle(up to 8 seats) has to have its first inspection when its 4 years old and after every 2 years until its 8 years old and after that every year.
A new bus needs inspection when its 1 year old and then every 6 months.
A van needs inspection every year from new.

For example if you buy a new company car and you use it for the first few months as a company car for your employees your next inspection is in 4 years. Then you declare to the state that the car is now used for public transporation and its next inspection is now when its 1 year old and not in 4 years if it was a company car for employees. You can then change the declaration of what the car is used for again back to company car and its inspection date changes again.

There are many more of this kind of examples this is just one of them.
If you use intervals for this you would have a different interval for almost every vehicle and you would have to change it all the time. I think it would be much better and the customer agrees to just have a manually create service that gives you a notification and that it is.

3. Work order

Yes,a work order is aggregated information about an upcoming service that you can give out to employees or the workshop. I also see a work order as written feedback. If a manager gives a work order to an employee that employee will then bring back that work order filled out with information about the service that was done and the manager has then confirmation and he can close the service in Fleetrun.
This workflow is based on feedback by clients.

While I agree with you that it will be hard to make a work order template that will suit everyone I think there a few key information every one would agree needs to be included in a work order.

My personal opinion is that the work order system should work like the notification text editor does. Taking into account feedback you add options to the editor and we can decide if we want that in our work order or not.

A work order does not need to look good it needs to be useful above all else.

Best regards,


Fleetrun feedback

Re: Fleetrun feedback

The work orders are a request that we've been receiving in the last years, so I agree with the partner.

Fernando Brochetto
Technical Support, Rastreasul


Fleetrun feedback

Re: Fleetrun feedback

Dear Marko, markoRCLteh.

Thanks a lot for the detailed overview of what is the necessity behind those enhancements that you request. It was very useful to get a better understanding of your idea.

I can say now that we are starting to closely work with custom input fields and notifications for manually created services. We want to check all the use cases for these enhancements and make sure that these features are really what our users need. Please stay tuned for the updates.

Anyway, your explanation helped us a lot.

Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam

Fleetrun feedback

Re: Fleetrun feedback

markoRCLteh wrote:

5. In the Services tab there is no way to sort the upcoming services by due date so you could see fast what services are the most urgent to do. If you want to get this information you need to create a report and sort it there.


I am glad to inform you that from now on you can sort the upcoming services by urgency.
More detailed information is by the link: https://forum.gurtam.com/viewtopic.php? … 66#p181466

Katsiaryna Papok
Product Manager/Business Analyst, Gurtam