adapter (controller) for resistive type floating fuel level sensor

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Topic: adapter (controller) for resistive type floating fuel level sensor

GuardMagic DAFS - Adapter (controller) for resistive type floating fuel level sensor with analog output and EIA-485 communication interface.

GuardMagic DAFS is intended for connection car, light vehicle regular floating fuel level sensor to GPS-GSM/GPRS module.

GuardMagic DAFS intended to read the analog signal from the vehicle regular resistive type floating fuel level sensor and converts it into:
- digital form: EIA-485 communication interface;
- stable noise and pulse free analog voltage output   0-8,5 V range.

GuardMagic DAFS could be used to provide fuel monitoring function on passenger cars, “JEEPs”, VANs,“pick-up” or light trucks (Light Commercial Vehicles) on which the use of DLLS fuel level sensors is not  reasonable due to technical, or economic reasons.

- Wide voltage input range
- Valuation of the input signal
- External filter
- Programming the operating parameters
- Dual output: analog and digital
- High resolution.

Car, “Jeep”, VAN, Mini Bus, Light Trucks, “Pick-Up”.

GuardMagic DAFS allow by very economical way embed fuel monitoring function for cars, VANs, LCV in vehicle monitoring system.

Download leaflet:  http://guardmagic.com/01-engl/2e-produc … eaflet.pdf

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