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We have a client that has portable equipment in many locations, too many to geofence each one, additionally the they may only be there for as little as 1 week - so geofencing would be an administration burden.

This equipment requires servicing every 2 or 3 days on average, some more some less depending on the equipment.

The client's current GPS software platform allows them to simply type in a street name, it shows if/when it was last visited by one of their service vehicles.

By having this ability they can easily and quickly determine if it has missed being serviced and take action accordingly by sending one of their service vehicles over.

We cannot find any "quick" way to determine the same information with Wialon, can anyone suggest how this could be easily achieved?

many thanks.

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Yes yuo can do this easily just use your ( set square tab)  apply address & and time period - units near the location .
perfect for what you need

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Thank you eyeinthesky,

Yes it shows the nearest unit to the location but it doesn't show that they have actually visited the street or if they did when unfortunately, unless I missed something. smile

Timeline available is increments up to 24hr or all time, client will wish to know if one of there service vehicles has been to location for example for the last week. If no site visit they will know to take appropriate action to send someone to site.

For example -
Client delivers equipment on a Monday, service may be required on the Thursday. (different equipment has different number of service days)
The following Tuesday operations manager checks to see if location has been visited by any service vehicle and if no then the arranges accordingly.

This client is a short/long term equipment hire company where they may have equipment in a location for a week to several months and has 1,000s of site locations making it admin draining to geofence all.

Their current service provider has the ability to type in address and it will bring up any and all vehicles that have been in the address and when. This ability has been an invaluable tool they tell me to quickly check and confirm if or if not the site has been visited.

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Hello, FleetPursuit

Mentioned approach to determine actual servicing is quite interesting - there (according to your explanation) is always a man, who knows, where the equipment is. And with their current platform - how do they determine, that the location actually was visited (so the service unit stayed there for a needed interval of time) or not?

Anyway - there is a report, called "visited streets" in hosting - it can be built by groups of units and has a grouping possibility by time intervals and by street names - this is the closest, that WH has currently to your demands but to be completely precise - it is better to re-think the workflow - somebody delivers equipment and you can allow that person to create geofences there.


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Why don't you use the report of Non-visited Geofences?
1. You create a group where you put all geofences which should be visited today (you can edit this group every day).
2. You execute the report for unit group (and geofences' group) and see all non-visited geofences.

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