ddd download tachograph thread

Topic: ddd download tachograph thread

hi guys,

after understanding a bit better how .ddd tachograph thing is working i would like to collect existing working solutions for this and share them here. (Dont forgett, Gurtam=together and not "i know something, of cause i dont share it")

So as i understand, the princip is the following:

Electronic tachograph is storing an encrypted file for each day on the memory of the tachograph. There is the data from Tacho and from Drivercards (two different data). One of them needs to be downloaded by Company every 90 Days and the other every 30 days.
If you do not download it, the oldest data is always overwritten by the second oldest data and so on.

You as a company needs to store them localy and provide them if government / police wants to check them.

OK, here we start with technical solutions:

- In Truck there will be installed a GPS tracker with a special CANbus connection to the Tachograph.
- On customer office there needs to be a Cardreader with the "company mastercard" which encrypts a special message which is send somehow to the gps tracker.
- GPS Tracker sends this encrypted message to the Tacho and is than alowed to read the .ddd files.
- GPS Tracker send the .ddd files to local PC or to Wialon Plattform
- Customer can check files / download files from Wialon or from local PC.

So if i understand the Market correct, there are at the moment two solution providers:
- Ruptela
- Teltonika

(how about BCE and Galileosky?)

From what i have learned, Ruptela solution just needs a chipcard reader and a local software. Local software creates a command and sends it via SDK to the Unit. Unit sends data to Wialon, User can download data from Wialon.

Teltonika Solution need a SMS Modem, a Software and a fixed IP to download the Data. So at the moment maybe not the best solution.

Anybody has better infos or other solutions?

Please share!


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ddd download tachograph thread

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Re: ddd download tachograph thread

wwbusch aka Buwo
The list of supported tachographs is here:

For EU region it is model  vdo-1381 (one of the most popular)

You are correct about Ruptela. Models  TCO3 and TCO4 are supported. But TCO4 is better, because it has 2 CAN bus inputs.
You should connect ruptela to tacho. Administrator of Wialon should have smartcard of company  + USB card reader + our application for remote authorisation https://distro.gurtam.com/soft/tca/tca.zip

You can see, that Galileo and Navtelecom do also support this functionality. Actually, you even doesn't need the company smartcard for authorisation (we don't know exactly the mechanism, but it seems that RS232 connection to tacho doesn't need remote authorisation).

Also BCE devices support the functionality (with remote authorisation of company card, similar as Ruptela). It wil lbe added to the list of supported very soon (we have already tested the functionality).

Teltonika has new model 6320. The integration is in the process, we have already got the protocol for remote downloading DDD. It also will be added to the list of supported soon. Details of the process will be available later.

Also you can just download DDD from driver smart  card the same as usual file. You need driver card+USB card reader + our application https://distro.gurtam.com/soft/tca/tca.zip

And little bit more theory.
DDD file it is complete file of driver activity for some period. But tachographs can send the current activity of driver as usual paramter. Wialon admitistrator can control the violation of work and rest in the real time.

Viktor Yarovenko
Business Analyst

ddd download tachograph thread

Re: ddd download tachograph thread

Hi Yavi,

thanks for the more detailed Infos.

I already asked Galileosky about that, they do not support "master card" at the moment and read data via RS232 (as you said)... Also i dont know exactly where to connect it. Support said "you need to connect RS232 in front of Tachograph" (but i dont see there any rs232 connection in front).

BCE provided a very detailed connection scheme. But connection to the tachograph is only allowed by signing authority which can seal again the canbus connector... Seems (here in germany) a bit more complicated...

Prices of Ruptela and Teltonika seems to be nearly equal...

Main competitor here is tomtom which sell ddd download for 349.-€, so we have to beat that :-)


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ddd download tachograph thread

Re: ddd download tachograph thread

wwbusch aka Buwo  Today we added BCE to the list of supported device for DDD files downloading.
BCE Fm Tacho it is common name for all BCE FM series. If you want to work with DDD, it is better to redirect any BCE FM (light, pro) to the port 21229 and choose device type BCE FM Tacho in Wialon.

Also we added new EU tachograph Stoneridge SE5000
http://gurtam.com/en/tachographs/tahogr … dge-se5000

Viktor Yarovenko
Business Analyst

ddd download tachograph thread

Re: ddd download tachograph thread

As i understand it right serial port is in front of the dtco, there has been a linux tool hosted on berlios to communicate via serial with the dtco, but it is painfully slow to download the data.

So far,


ddd download tachograph thread

Re: ddd download tachograph thread

Hi Wolf,

I do not come often here in the forum, that's the reason why I just read your topic right now.

With the tachograph solution, we have installed several companies in France with the solution and they are all very satisfied to work with.
We have installed the Ruptela's TCO4, which it's seems to be a very reliable device, for GPS location and remote tachograph download as well.

With customers we encounters the 2 mains tachograph brand (VDO & Stonerige).
For both, and under conditions that you respect the compatible series, the remote downloading works very well, even if for some tachographs, and not all the time, just sometimes, the customer needs to ask to the tachograp workshop for opening the communication port.

Clearly, it's a good solution, easy to work with and easy and fast to make in service.

About the competition, and mostly with TT, they are not developpers of the remote tachograph solution.
They are working with the german company DAKO. The system is very restrictive for trucks companies, because of the automatics downloadings locked by DAKO.
For example, if you want to download the driver's datas at the 1st day of the month for having the complete last month datas ended at the last day of the previous mont to make the driver salary, you can't, it's imossible !
With our solution (I mean with our "Together/Gurtam" Wialon solution smile ) you can. And, the customer can download the datas at any time.
The only restriction is to wait that the truck is running.

Feel free to contact me if necessary and if you need some details about that we have made for the moment.

Hereby you can check our website page about the solution (in french)  :
http://www.sudtelematique.com/geolocali … iales.html

And here you can check our help guide menu (in french)
http://www.sudtelematique.com/road_link … nager.html



ddd download tachograph thread

Re: ddd download tachograph thread

We integrated the remote DDD downloading from european tachos via Teltonika devices

Viktor Yarovenko
Business Analyst