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I would like to request a new feature that would be included possibly in the trip detector.

I would like to be able to set up a "minimum stop time".  Right now we have the ability to do this with parkings, but currently anything under that time is considered a stop.

This has caused some confusion with my customers when they see stops that last zero seconds in the reports.  Now I am aware we can set the duration in the report properties, but if you include the stops on the map you will see everything under the parking time.

If we could set the minimum park time to one minute for example it would help to eliminate stops that occur because of  reporting rates. For example, if we have a device that reports every minute and a zero speed comes in between two reports with speed, the system will mark it as a stop but it will only be listed as zero seconds. It would be nice to cut these out.

Thank you for your consideration.


Minimum Stop Time

Re: Minimum Stop Time

I think you did not correct set trip detection in unit settings.

In trip detection you set it to "use gps and speed" and set the minimum length of stops to above 125 seconds
than it should work perfect.

I am sure that this solves your problem. Otherwise write a short message to support (at) gurtam.com they will help you to configure it correct.


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