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How can I use the engine shut off on Wialon plataform, the GPS device is a Meitrack MVT340



Meitrack VT340

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Hi RVV352:

First check http://www.meitrack.net/images/protocol … _V1.26.pdf for commands (page 17).

1.) you can add a command with  0000,C01,0,ABCD (use output1)
2.) you need sms credits to send this command
3.) you can also play arround with sending command by gprs, but this makes only sence, if you can be 100% shure, that device is ALWAYS connected via gprs and sending minimum of all 4 minutes a position (as i remember there is a timeout of 5 minutes on wialon side)
4.) in europe its forbidden to disable engine via sms or so (but in mexico maybe not :-)


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Meitrack VT340

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hi im working with meitrack brand (mvt340) and i dont know how configurate the engine ignition sensor.

Thanks in advance.

Yikin Loo
Santiago, Chile.


Meitrack VT340

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You use port 5/IN2 (positive trigger) to capture the trigger from the ignition switch. Make sure that the port is connected to a wire that has power continuously whilst the vehicle is running not to one that is only energised when starting.

Make sure that the port is enabled using the configurator so that the trigger can be captured.


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