Include idling in ecodriving calculation

Topic: Include idling in ecodriving calculation


We have some bus companies that ask us to include idling analysis in ecodriving module.

Now ecodriving module is only considering travels, so idling infractions are done when gurtam already considers a stop, not a travel, so in ecodriving are not being included as violation.

I think that in ecodriving configuration you should include the possibility to "check" option: "Consider also in stops" so the parameter defined with this check would be analiced also outside trips (and could be attached to the last trip analyced).

On this way:
- if you dont need to analyce allways (not only trips), the load server time would be as fast as now, doesnt affect your servers.
- If you need to check "idling" parameter, the system would analice only travels + this parameter, so load time would be ok.

I atach picture of what I mean:

For bus companies and transport companies, idling violations is very important for them for ecodriving, as it affects a lot the total consumption of the company.


Include idling in ecodriving calculation

Re: Include idling in ecodriving calculation

alexismr, thanks for your proposal.
Such improvement is doubtful, and I'll explain why.
EcoDriving in Wialon is directed to detect violations or distrustful driver's behavior during the trip.

Vehicles' eco-effectiveness can be analyzed more complex in general.
Such analysis can include:
- Driver behavior (that is covered by EcoDriving Wialon module now).
- Engine idling (that is requested in the topic).
- Maintenance and vehicle state.
- The use of air conditioners where is undesirable.
- Vehicle thermal management (control "warming up" the engine where it is unnecessary)
-  The correspondence between vehicle loading and it's speed.
- so on and so forth.

So it is incorrect to include idling in current EcoDriving as it is two different things in the efficient vehicle usage analysis.

Tatsiana Shmihelskaya
Business Analyst, Gurtam

Include idling in ecodriving calculation

Re: Include idling in ecodriving calculation

I am looking for the same solution which alexismr is asking for

Tata, I dont see a reason why Wialon couldnt develop the ecodriving module taking in account all the topics you detail, this would greatly differentiate Wialon from many other platforms. If you think it shouldnt be in the ecodriving module, maybe call it ecostop, but I think is defenitely something worth developing