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Hi Gurtam Team,

Herewith a development request from a customer:

>>   He would like to send Garmin messages to Multiple units / drivers




Garmin request

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Can't that already be done?

If the send message is directced to a group and you select all units in the group the message should go out to all of them.


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Garmin request

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Re: Garmin request

Hi Harm,

as i remember i have talked with your customer about this problem a long time at the CeBIT :-))

I proposed him to do a little app where he can enter the message to all of his drivers and the app check in a loop if the device is online and than send the message.
Much better than waiting always if device is online (and i did not find any way to use "message all devices" out of the box...

(by using SDK)

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Garmin request

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