Connection to local fuel distibuter

Topic: Connection to local fuel distibuter

Is ti possible or maybe already implemented somewhere to automatically connect Wialon to local fuel distributer database where all fuel fillings for all vehicles of one company are made and import them into field registered fillings.
Because we have company which buy fuel on cards issued by fuel company and this info can be accessed from internet.

Another question about working order for vehicles.
By our law every vehicle for transporting passengers and goods has to have a working order which contains:

-registration no,model,type of transportation,info what is transporting and for whom,time of beginning of ride an end,crew of transportation,travel destination

Is it possible to make something like this in a form of a filled document.




Connection to local fuel distibuter

Re: Connection to local fuel distibuter

aahero this is what I was hoping we could do through a hyper link to a document mangement suystem. We currently capture similar information using an external system, M-Files document management, and need to link it to records in Wialon that show the filling point. We use an external database look up to fill in the missing information into the form.

I do not know if you can import the service stations into Wialon as POI's

One other thing you may want to look at is to have them a geozones and each time the vehicle leaves the service station geozone the engine hours and the milage can be sent to a nominated email and regisetered as an event.

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Connection to local fuel distibuter

Re: Connection to local fuel distibuter

to get up this theme, seems that some import system will be implemented in the future into wialon where you can import the Fuel Provider Data directly into maintenance part...


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Connection to local fuel distibuter

Re: Connection to local fuel distibuter

Dear partners.

We are pleased to present a new solution Wialon OIL Service, which enables the integration of fuel cards into the Wialon Hosting.

We think it can be usefull for most of your clients.

If you are interested in this implementation, please welcome to the topic where we can discuss it

WВR, Alexey.
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