Payment methods for endcustomers (more a general threat)

Topic: Payment methods for endcustomers (more a general threat)

Hi Ladies, hi Guys,

motivated by this threat http://forum.gurtam.com/viewtopic.php?id=6880 i am wondering, how other partners are handling their business with their customers.
are you blocking automaticaly an account if user does not pay? is your users paying in advance or after a time? do they pay monthly or quarterly?
how they can pay? just bank transfer or credit cards etc? how you handle the simcards if customer stopped paying? do you take him to court?

We for example do not use any automatic blocking as here in germany this is only allowed after sending reminder and wait 4 weeks.
We charge most customers 3 month in advance, always at the beginning of a quarter (just not to have so much work with invoicing etc).
We use an online invoicing tool where we can add automatic repeating invoicing, this makes writing hundreds of invoices very easy as you just need to print them out / or send them directly by email.
As larger our customers are, as longer they need with payment, typical 4 weeks until they pay.
we dont use any creditcard / paypal etc payments because risk is always 100% on your side.


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