use fuel cards in Wialon

Topic: use fuel cards in Wialon


Maybe we can have something like this, where clients can use their fuel cards.

http://www.gpsinsight.com/fuel-card-rep … tyPhoto/0/

Another idea is to get integrated in the platform any Calamp lmu2720 that works with ECU, them we can compare fuel card again what we get from the ECU, if we get any difference trigger alert for "Fuel Theft "

Note: I suggest Calamp, due i am in USA market and they are very good




use fuel cards in Wialon

Re: use fuel cards in Wialon

Jose this will not be an easy thing to integrate as you will need access to the card management system and then get thoses transactions into wialon for the reports to be produced. We are at the moment integarting our fuel managment system into Wialon using IPS and retranslation so that we can visualise site inventory for all terminals and service stations.

We currently capture both engine hours and virtual odometer readings when the vehicle is leaving the fueling point. We have tried to capture fill volume but tis has proven to be inaccurate if you use the tank sensor. It can only be done via the dispenser, unless a manual method for entry is used back at a head office location.

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