Address Lookup in Send_Position Command for Garmin

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Topic: Address Lookup in Send_Position Command for Garmin

I believe that the send_position command in the platform is spectacular and we currently have it working with the Queclink and Syrus units with Garmin GPS displays but the only major issue that we have found is that when we open the send_position it ask for the Name of the Stop and the Lat and Long

To determine the Lat and the Long it has an option to show map and this moves the dialog box to the left and allows you to double click on the map to get the coordinates

The issue here is that the client cant type in an address and have example google cross reference the coordinates

I believe that since we can already do this under Tools and than Address

When we type an address there it gives us the correct coordinates

I propose that we add that functionality to the send_position command

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