Access to external reverse geocoding service

Topic: Access to external reverse geocoding service

It would be the perfect solution if Wialon PRO could have access to external
reverse geo coding service (free or paid).

Even better would be if we would be able to configure such option for every single
user (able to use external service or use just integrated webgis)
Let the customer decide what's is best for them and let them keep the financial aspect
alone - if they want to pay 1000 Euros for that service let them pay if they are not ready
to pay such service they always have to solution to use integrated maps.

There is some very good open server solutions and some partners could team up in order to use
and maintain just one server for the benefit of several.

Wialon PRO is a very good product but the reverse geo coding is not on the level of
the rest of the system and could be updated in order to increase customer satisfaction.