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Topic: Timezone Management

Are there other users out there that need to work with multiple timezones?

We have an issue in that the vehicles are being monitored in a central location that is in a particular timezone eg GMT+4 and the vehicles are crossing into other timezones GMT+5 and we need to see the messages from the vehicle in the new timezone time GMT+5 not in the user time GMT+4 as we are comparing to sensors that are located in the new timezone and sending back data with the new time zone stamp GMT+5.

Currently the device messages are stored in GMT0 and the displayed times are based on the user login timezone. We would like to see timezone awareness capability in Wialon so that we can set a parameter that will allow for the display of the units messages based on the actual timezone it is in and not the user timezone.


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Timezone Management

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JohnG, very-very specific requirement. How do you think about developing own App for this?

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