Lock on road/Snap to road

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Topic: Lock on road/Snap to road

Dear Colleagues!

After the upgrade, the lock on road feature was eliminated. We and our clients thinks it was a useful and sometimes indispensible feature, so we propose to develop a similar solution.

Unfortunately, I do not speak Russian, so I need someone to help translate. Many thanks!
(although I remember some improper phrase from school smile )

Best regards

Eflotta Vehicle Tracking Ltd, Hungary

Lock on road/Snap to road

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Re: Lock on road/Snap to road


I fully agree with you, since the "Snap To Road/Lock On Road" was removed the Tracks aren't 100%. When I generated a Track for my Units before the update, the Track followed the road and looked really accurate but since the Snap To Road was removed the Tracks don't look as accurate and when demonstrating to potential clients, this is one thing that stands out, especially when I am explaining the high quality of the programme.

You don't need to write to Gurtam in Russian, I have always spoken to them in English and they reply in English. I use Google Chrome to automatically translate the forum from Russian to English.


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