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I bought Chines GPS track Vic-Zone T300cm tow years ago and I test it on GURTAM Wialon trail account  since that and it was work ok, I left the device and now i install it on my car trying to run it,
I create new Account,
after setting the device it done not reflect on GPS Trace orange that its connected to server as the following

1- I test the SIM Card that it can GPRS browse work OK
2- I follow the same steps for configuration that I was saving from the manual,

1. V000000,013,0                                /*      Turn off GPRS and Enable SMS mode
2. V000000,011,wap.korek.com        /*      Set Apn name
3. V000000,012,  /*      Set Server Center IP
4. V000000,015,CAMRY239428             /*      Set GPS device ID
5. V000000,013,1                                /*      Turn ON GPRS

on SMS Mode I was reciveing SMS with GPS Location each 5 min

3- the Vic-Zone T300c current setting are

SYS Status: sw_ver:t300c_090507_15:00
GPS status:A
SOS num:NO set SOS num:
Monitor num: NO set Monitor num
Ctrl Num: +9647903*********
User ID:camry08


4- the GPS-Trace orange setting as follow

* Name:    camey 2008   from 4 to 50 characters
Device type:    VIC-ZONE T300
Unique ID:            camey08
Phone number:    +9647505*********
Device access password:
I also try to trace the device on id.wialon.net to see any datacomming from but no luck!

now the Question is when I turn on GPRS the RED LED start blinking saying that its connected to server successfully  but I cant see the car on screen
what happen why i cant trace my car on GURTAM Wialon trail account do they stop supporting this device?

help  please 

Ahmed J.

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I try the same setting on Orange GPS which based in Wialon servers ?