BLE Speed Sensor for Forklift

Topic: BLE Speed Sensor for Forklift

Bluetooth Low Energy Speed Sensor
Application: Forklift, Mining Vehicle, shovel loader, tractor

The challenges in Forklift speed management:
1)it's difficult to install the hall speed sensor
2)without the strong speed signal in door
3)the forklift and tractor vehicle speed detection at the low speed

The advantages of the BLE speed sensor
1)no drawing,easy installation
2)suitable for all types vehicle in door with strong BLE signal:Forklift, Mining Vehicle, shovel loader, tractor

Here with the main features
a. Built-in CR2477 1100mA replaceable Cell battery
b. Quick Gyroscope sensor with speed output in 1 second
c. Bluetooth Low Power Consumption support more than 18months
d. Bluetooth BLE5.0 iBeacon broadcasting
e. Working Temperature: -30~80℃
f.  IP67 Waterproof
g. Easy Installation with glue to the side of either wheel
h. RS232/RS485 adapter output for GPS tracker /Mobile DVR

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