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Topic: Get messages by timeRegistration

We migrated to Wialon from another service that allowed us to work with messages directly.
We can also receive messages here, but I haven't discovered a way to get only updates.
We attempted to obtain messages in the following ways: 
1. Retranslation - is risky as there is no guarantee of data integrity control. Wialon doesn't verify whether or not I have received a message, so I cannot determine if I missed a message and request it again.
2.notifications - we've put message data into notification as pseudo JSON and parsed on our side - disadvantages are the same with the retranslator + data lost when there is more than 1 day lag.
3.Events report - we register notifications as events and load for all wehicles at a once - This prevents data loss on transport level, but not for data lagging. it is also wery  resource intensive.
4.messages/load_interval - the most reliable way of getting messages but also the most resource intensive as the previous one.
5. messages/load_last - most useless in this case.

All of these methods do not provide the ability to get messages by registration time.
If some of the objects was out of cellular network and sent data with a significant delay - i cannot get that data easily. i need to load all messages since yesterday for example, and then using method 3 i can get their registration time and add to my table.

Is there some way I've missed and if not - could you provide a more convinient method for getting new messages by filtering by registration time (time when Wialon received the message)?



Get messages by timeRegistration

Re: Get messages by timeRegistration

Is there any chance to get some feedback?


Get messages by timeRegistration

Re: Get messages by timeRegistration

danonovych hello,
Unfortunately, there is no option to get messages by registration time. Messages in Wialon can be retrieved via message time.
The only option I can see here is to request message again and compare messages count and if this value is different update currently available messages with the newly requested.

If you need any additional information regarding Wialon work or API usage, you can write to support@wialon.com

Anton Zinovyev
Technical Care Engineer (L2)