Device Type selection shortcuts

Topic: Device Type selection shortcuts

I looked for a posted topic to see if this had already been requested, but didn't find one.

In the General tab of the Unit Properties screen in Wialon, the "Device type:" field has a textbox, a wrench icon, and then typically one or more "shortcuts".  These shortcuts are the names of recently selected device types which the user can click on to easily change the device type of the unit.

I have two suggestions regarding these "shortcuts".

1. We often get user complaints about the device type being incorrect, when in fact it is correct.  The user looks at the shortcut instead of the value in the textbox and assumes it is the current value assigned to the device.  A simple fix may be just to put a few words to the left of the shortcuts to suggest what they do.  For example, "Set device type to:"

2. Many of our users have read-only access to the General tab of the Unit Properties screen.  For these users, the Device Type textbox (and other user interface elements) appear "greyed out", which visually indicates they cannot be changed by the user.  However, these device type shortcuts still appear for read-only users, which is confusing because they don't work.  I suggest not displaying the shortcuts for users that do not have permission to change the device type of a unit.


Device Type selection shortcuts

Re: Device Type selection shortcuts

Hello MarcW!

Thank you for such detailed description of the problem you are facing!

We will take into account all your suggestions and will do our best in order to improve user experience while working with Devices field. However at the moment I can not say when it will be done by our developers, but once there are any news - I will let you know.

Please let me know if there are any other suggestions or recommendations.

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Device Type selection shortcuts

Re: Device Type selection shortcuts

I just saw the announcement of recent changes made to Wialon, which in the "Other Imrpovements" section of https://gurtam.com/en/blog/updates-april-may-2023 includes moving these device type shortcuts into the top of the drop down list selection for Device Type.  This is an excellent way to solve the confusion our customers were having.  Thank you for implementing this improvement!