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Dear all,

Slowly but surely we are moving towards easier, more automated set up of WiaTag. With this update we have added an option to login with the QR code. Once generated and shared, the end-user will only need to scan it to find herself on the main screen of the application with the necessary settings.

Here is a short tutorial on how to generate such QR code.

1) Find a unit you would are willing to connect. Make sure it is of the WiaTag type.

2) Check for the following parameters:
- Server host ( for Wialon Hosting)
- Server port (20963 for WiaTag)
- Unique ID
- Password

WiaTag QR Code Login

3) Configure the link with passing the correct values. Values for the modes are:
0 - Active
1 - Standard
2 - Lite
3 - Custom

Link example


4) Go to any QR-code generator ( E.g.: https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/) and pass the link to the free text input:

WiaTag QR Code Login

QR-code is ready to be shared with the end-user. User needs to have WiaTag installed and choose QR-code on the login screen to scan the code.

WiaTag QR Code Login

If the user was already logged in, one may reset the settings in General Settings or on selected devices scanning QR-code with the phone camera will open the link.

WiaTag QR Code Login

Further on, we plan to roll out a service, where you may enter the needed credentials and QR code will be generated. While that is still under development, we would be happy to hear your feedback and the settings that you would wish to pass in the future.

Pavel Bushuyeu
Product Owner, Mobile

WiaTag QR Code Login

Re: WiaTag QR Code Login

Hello Pavel,

this update more automated in very good.

In addition to the initial configuration, will it be possible to load the administrator password or other global settings in the Qr code?


WiaTag QR Code Login

Re: WiaTag QR Code Login

Hi, instantconnectibiza

yes, we have deliberately left only the essential settings to see the demand for the rest. Please, send the full list of settings you would be willing to see in the QR code to p.bushuev@gurtam.com. However, beware that some of the settings either require operating system permissions or not secure to pass in the QR code. E.g. that is not secure to set an admin password in the QR-code as the user might easily read it through any QR-code reader application.

Thank you,

Pavel Bushuyeu
Product Owner, Mobile

WiaTag QR Code Login

Re: WiaTag QR Code Login

Perfect Pavel,

Of course, I understand that there is information that is not better to preserve and must be done manually, as a password.

The demand on my part, would be in the [user mode] Standard:
Data collection: CONTINUOUS
Data transmission: CONTINUOUS
Start / End by event: START AUTOMATIC / ACTIVE

Data configuration:
Minimum Interval: 300s
Speed change: 8 kph

All other settings in Standard mode are fine and do not need to be changed.

I have clients who are far away from me and for the Wiatag service, this solution using Qr code, is fantastic.


WiaTag QR Code Login

Re: WiaTag QR Code Login

Thanks for sharing this helpful update on WiaTag! It's great to hear you're working towards making the setup process easier and more automated.
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