InPetrol - anti-fraud fuel cards processing system

Topic: InPetrol - anti-fraud fuel cards processing system

INPETROL is a Wialon-based application that provides fuel and transaction data transfer and comparison. The application works with both Wialon Hosting and Wialon Local. Available for web and Android users.

The 3.0 INPETROL version integrates with multiple fuel card processing platforms.

The new version compares fuel level data from Wialon with the tank fuel-up data provided by sensors. The table highlights suspicious or unmatched fillings and transactions in different colors. For example, fillings that match the required level with high accuracy are highlighted in green.

Other INPETROL features include:

  • fuel transaction management service;
    detailed information about gas station location;
    total fuel consumption data on different brands in liters and in the currency of purchase;
    possibility for integrators to connect their domain via a DNS server;
    white-label app and reporting;
    flexible role-based access control.

INPETROL is a ready-made solution for professional telematics integrators. Wialon partners get dealer rights and can create their own billing plans for clients.


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