Logistic Module - Checklist Implementation

Topic: Logistic Module - Checklist Implementation

Logistics Module

Add an option so that the driver can carry out a checklist of the truck before leaving for any trip, which can be customized via the web with ready-made questions and answers customized for each customer eg:

Start by selecting the unit that will carry out the checklist and the driver's name.
Field to record current km, hour meter

Question: Seat belt is ok?
( ) Yes ( ) No alternatively

Front tires is ok:?

( ) yes ( ) no If you do not release the field to fill in the reason

Engine oil ok?

(   )  Yes No

Headlight ?

Rear lights ?

Radiator water?

In short, a multitude of questions to be answered.

Whenever the driver checks the do not open field so that he can write a note and open a field to attach one or more images of the problem.

In this way, any preventive action carried out by the driver is recorded before any trip, and can be useful even in lawsuits in case of accidents.

We already have several customers asking us for this, and several competing Brazilian platforms with this function added to the routing module + checklist in the same app, forces us to seek the integration of this solution so as not to lose a customer to the competition.
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Logistic Module - Checklist Implementation

Re: Logistic Module - Checklist Implementation

There should also be a capability to show this in the control room, that is, all drivers who have a work schedule today but have not filled out the questionnaire. The questionaries should be able to be created by type, one for the driver and one for the vehicle preflight check.

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