Graphs in Video Module

Topic: Graphs in Video Module

The drill down capability in the video module is a great tool for looking at consumption. Would it be possible to have a scatter diagram that will show the variance of the units based on say a rolling 6 month average. That average becomes the 0 and we can see the variance above or below that average for the units.

This will allow us to identify quickly the units that are consuming greater than average traffic to allow for analysis as to why and then discuss with the customer ways to reduce the consumption or increase the packets available. Our customers are on term agreements so we cannot simply just add packets and they will pay. We have to go through a claim process to get the payment.

This way we can have the discussion when we see an abnormality in the usage pattern.

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Graphs in Video Module

Re: Graphs in Video Module


Let me kindly tell you that we have a possibility to check traffic consumption with the current Statistics feature in CMS. You can see what unit consumes more traffic during the month. Because of this fact, I do not think that we will be working on this feature in the near future, however we will keep an eye on it.

Please, let me know if I missed something in your explanation.

Yan Subotkin
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