Hecterra 2022: we need your ideas!

Topic: Hecterra 2022: we need your ideas!

Dear partners,

Thank you for your activity on the forum and in Hecterra this year! The season is coming to an end for most of you, so it seems an appropriate time to summarize our achievements and think about the future.

Recently, Hecterra came to a significant milestone — 1 million cultivations. It means that in the last 2,5 year the users of the application have registered a million cultivations on their fields. It also means that our application is highly demanded and helps agricultural businesses all over the world.

So, we intend to continue improving Hecterra. Right now, we are analyzing what kind of functionality we should add to Hecterra in 2022. And you can help us with this!

Please, write here in the comments your 3 ideas about what you expect from Hecterra next year. Afterwards, we will gather all the proposals and put most demanded features in our plan for 2022.

Thank you for being with us!

Katerina Alexandrova
Product Manager (Hecterra)

Hecterra 2022: we need your ideas!

Re: Hecterra 2022: we need your ideas!

Mobile app with dashboards
Automatic registration of cultivation (if some checkpoints are done - for example, when implement sensor is installed)

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