PARTIAL deliveries of products or orders

Topic: PARTIAL deliveries of products or orders

It is very necessary to have the possibility of registering PARTIAL deliveries of merchandise or products. For all our clients it is very important to keep track of the deliveries made. There are several factors so that the end customer does not receive the complete order, be it due to damaged products, change of customer opinion, storage availability, etc.

We hope to have the necessary support to be able to carry out this type of control, which is of vital importance for all clients.


PARTIAL deliveries of products or orders

Re: PARTIAL deliveries of products or orders

Hello mvasoft!

Can you tell me, please, how exactly do you want to carry out this control?
Do you only need the order status "Partially Delivered", which will be specified by the driver and then displayed in the report?

Do you need the ability to specify in each order a list of products, the quantity and cost of each of them?
Do you need to be able to specify which product in the order the customer refused?
Do you need a product library in our app?
Do you need to import the product library? Product list into the order?

Please describe your case in details.

Thank you in advance!

Anton Voitenko,
Wialon Logistics Product Manager, Gurtam