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I want to get these API :

{{url}}svc=report/exec_report&params={"reportResourceId":23274631,"reportTemplateId":2,"reportObjectId":22326287,"reportObjectSecId":0,"interval":{"from":1600913194 ,"to":1632470120,"flags":0}}&sid={{sid}}

but it says :
    "error": 4

So how can i solve this problem?

I ensure that i use correct token & sid, because before yesterday, i can get all report from template id 2, but when i request with the same api from yesterday, it says error 4, fyi, the account dayaselarasasia will be blocked in sept 30, is this will affected to request, so what solution if i want to get all data in template Vehicle Enter Prod (id = 2).

*Today the account dayaselarasasia has been blocked, so what ObjectID can iuse to get this API Request ?

I've used this API with Object ID 3 (PROD CPP)
but it says Error : 7

{{url}}svc=report/exec_report&params={"reportResourceId":23274631,"reportTemplateId":2,"reportObjectId":3,"reportObjectSecId":0,"interval":{"from":1600913194 ,"to":1632470120,"flags":0}}&sid={{sid}}


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Report Execution

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Error 4 means wrong parameters, not correct names, values, spaces between parameters and other syntax error.
What do you pass as url paramter?

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