Feature Request - Control of check in and checkout of a passenger

Topic: Feature Request - Control of check in and checkout of a passenger

With regards to the detection of check in and check out, currently we have the following rule in Passenger module as mentioned in the help document -

"The first response of an RFID tag in 24 hours means a passenger got into a vehicle. The second operation of the same tag in the same vehicle means the passenger got out. If the second operation of the tag occurs in the same vehicle within 1 minute after getting on or off, then it is considered to be false. The system ignores such an operation."

While the 1 minute rule works if the RFID tags are contact based and the tags are being used by persons by physically applying the tag to a reader. It doesn't work properly if the RFID tags are placed on some objects and the tags are contactless, i.e tags being read by the RFID reader through a distance as the RFID reader is capable of reading it (eg: UHF RFID reader and windshield RFID tags). Right now what is happening is, after the first checkin of a tag, if the contact less RFID tags are near the RFID reader for more than 1 minute, the system keeps reading it and keep doing checkin and check out every 1 minute which gives us false data in reports. So in certain projects, there is a need to increase this time.

To solve the problem, I am requesting for a simple change where instead of fixed 1 minute rule, we can have the timing as configurable where the system integrator defines it appropriately or enters depending on the type of the project. In this way, we can use the passenger module for multiple applications. I am requesting only for the 1 minute rule to be made configurable and no other change required.


Feature Request - Control of check in and checkout of a passenger

Re: Feature Request - Control of check in and checkout of a passenger

Good day vkjain!

I apologize for the fact that for so long there was no reaction from our side to your request.

Thank you for the detailed description of the case. Indeed, one minute is not enough for your case. Unfortunately, in the current functionality, I cannot offer you anything to solve your question.
Therefore, I will add a task to the list of product development suggestions to make the one-minute rule option customizable (allow you to set any time).

As you can see, no one from the partner community supported your idea, so the task will have a low priority for now. In this regard, I cannot tell you even the approximate timing of the implementation of such functionality.

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon