Send notification to LINE app

Topic: Send notification to LINE app

Hello Wialon team,

We are based in Thailand and the LINE app is the most popular in this region.
I understand that the Telegram is available, but if the LINE is also available for notification it would be beneficial for our customers.

I hope your team will consider to this.



Send notification to LINE app

Re: Send notification to LINE app

Dear hoda.mi,

Thank you for your message! Previously we didn't receive the requests to send notifications to LINE application. But we have considered adding WhatsApp, would WhatsApp cover your need?

I will add your request to the list of improvements, but I can not say when it will be implemented. Anyway, I will keep you updated in this thread.

Please let me know if there are any other questions.

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Maryia Paklonskaya
Wialon Business Analyst

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