New function in Custom Column of Reports

Topic: New function in Custom Column of Reports


The custom column of reports is really great, but it can be more useful if you add:

- Possibility of using created custom column in formula of another custom column
- Possibility of using columns from different tables in same report template while writing custom column formula


New function in Custom Column of Reports

Re: New function in Custom Column of Reports

Hi hhamedk,

hope you're well.

We already have 2 suggestions in the product development suggestions list.

1. The ability to use a calculator column in another calculator column is a really useful improvement in my opinion.
If you need to use values from other columns, then at the moment users simply add a formula from a custom column to another custom column (for example, in the first - (C0 + C1) * const10, in the second - (C0 + C1) * const10 + C1 * C3). I agree that this is not always convenient, besides, the formulas can be so long that if you make a mistake, it will be easier to rewrite it.
So far, only a few partners have appreciated and supported this idea, so it will not appear in the near future. In addition, there are minor technical difficulties in implementation associated with the features of data transfer from the frontend and calculations on the backend.
But I hope we can make such an improvement to the Calculator.

2. As for using columns from other tables, this is a more difficult task. In the current implementation of reports, this cannot be done due to the use of different intervals. But we have been thinking about the idea of reworking reports and implementing the report constructor for a long time. But so far these are only plans. But your request is another plus in this piggy bank.

I will keep you updated on these requests.

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon