Managing Driver data and notification

Topic: Managing Driver data and notification

Dear team

we are facing some lack of options for drivers in wialon,  like enter the drivers license data  but there is no option to generate the drivers license  expiry, same as Vehicle service interval. most of drivers are having license categories, license Expiry date, and location entry permit, border crossing passes,  so if we can manage this kid of data through wialon it will be more supportive.

also base on Driver license category, if light vehicle driver is trying to start the heavy vehicle there will be a restriction activate and sending a command to the device to activate out put or notification to the specific department.

Thank you.


Managing Driver data and notification

Re: Managing Driver data and notification

Dear sourjah

I see two suggestions in your post.

The first one is connected to all kinds of driver documents expiry date of which should be controlled just like it is possible to control the service intervals dates.

Actually, there are already two workarounds I can suggest to you, they are not perfect ones, but they still solve your task.

The first option is to specify the driver licence and etc expiry data in the service interval settings of a unit that the driver is most often assigned to. And create the corresponding notification.

The second option is to try to use Fleetrun. In Fleetrun you can create service intervals and notifications as well as register services later on specifically for drivers and even trailers. You will have a tab specially dedicated for drivers, see all of them and know what are the approaching services and what are the expired ones.

Have you tried Fleetrun?

The second one is an ability to somehow control that drivers do not drive vehicles they are not allowed to due to the category of their driver license. It might be possible to implement such an ability in Wialon, but I have a question to you: should this really be controlled on the side of software? Should not this be controlled by the fleet business processes? As as I can only assume there should be an employee in the fleet who tells drivers which vehicle/vehicles they can drive. And this list should not entail vehicles a driver is not allowed to drive.

Is my understanding correct?

Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam

Managing Driver data and notification

Re: Managing Driver data and notification

I am trying to achieve at single member level for each GL account.. Agg_GLAccounts and Agg_StoresOnly have 1-n relationship.. So, for all sum of each GL per store/Agg_SqftGLAccount which is sqft per store is what I want.. Hope you understand.. If you would prefer to have a google meet that would reduce my stress

I am facing error: 'XQE-PLN-0071 The query is not supported. The referenced detail '' for the 'within detail' aggregate 'Data Item1' can not be found on the same edge as a sibling of the given aggregate.'

I am facing above error only when I switch either of them to 'within detail' instead of 'within set'. But I am damn sure that within detail will go at single member level. What do you say on this?? On the other hand when I use within set, I am getting the summirization at set level fine which I don't need.

Tuple is:

tuple([Agg_GLAccounts],[Value])/ tuple([Agg_SqftGLAccount],[Value])

Agg_GLAccounts - aggregate(currentMeasure within detail [NonStat_GLAccounts])

Agg_SqftGLAccount - aggregate(currentMeasure within detail [Stat_GLAccounts])

Agg_StoresOnly - total(currentMeasure within detail [StoresOnly])

Please help

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