Which API to use for Accounts with Units data

Topic: Which API to use for Accounts with Units data

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I'd like to retrieve the list of accounts with their units names and their unique IDs and activation/deactivation dates just like the units list in the CMS. I tried looking for the relevant documentation but couldn't find this specific one.

Could you please guide me on this subject or at lease put the required documentation link.

I need to build an App that retrieves these details through API.

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Which API to use for Accounts with Units data

Re: Which API to use for Accounts with Units data

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If you need to get all available units, their accounts, and information about deactivation state, you can try to use 'core/search_items' request -- https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … arch_items
In order to get these data, set "itemsType" parameter value to "avl_unit" and "flags" value 261
This flag value is a combination of the base flag, billing properties, and advanced properties -- https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … ormat/unit

Thus the response will contain information about the unit's name ("nm"), unique ID ("uid"), account internal ID ("bact"), deactivation status ("act") and deactivation time UNIX ("dactt").

Using the account internal ID, you can get detailed information about it -- https://sdk.wialon.com/wiki/en/sidebar/ … count_data

Also, please check the webinar regarding the Search item request which can give you more information about the data extracting from Wialon -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9Ro3kp5aqo

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Which API to use for Accounts with Units data

Re: Which API to use for Accounts with Units data

The Account Management API provides a standardized mechanism for the management of billing and settlement accounts, as well as for financial accounting (account receivable) either in B2B or B2B2C contexts.

It allows the creation, update and retrieval of account information either in a B2B2C relationship context (creation of mass market customer billing account within a “Billing on Behalf of process for example) or in a B2B context (creation of a billing/settlement account for a partner or B2B customer).

It also allows creation and query of bill items allowing partners or B2B customers to check their invoice.

Accounts typically refer to parties and party roles. However, the management of party and party roles is out of the scope of this API. TM Forum’s APIs for Party Management, Customer Management and Party Role Management can be used for this purpose.

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