Fulfilled Rides Based on % of Visisted Bus Stops

Topic: Fulfilled Rides Based on % of Visisted Bus Stops

1. The existing fulfilled rides causes us problem. Fulfilled rides are often reported as not fulfilled by Nimbus.

2. Normally, units will either stop or pass through the bus stops BUT it didn't send data exactly within the bus stops geofence. Units sending message inside any bus stop is just a matter of luck if the message interval coincidentally took place when the buses are at the bus stops.

3. What is the point giving false report?

Proposed Solution

1. Enable admin to download bus stops geofence to shpfile or KML from Nimbus App
2. System provider shall save the bus stops inside the trackers' firmware
3. Unit shall send message as events if buses entered the bus stop geofence
4. This will contribute to the accuracy of the fulfilled rides report
5. We know that not all tracker support saving of bus stops into the firmware. But at least, we have a proper option

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