Activating safe parking option

Topic: Activating safe parking option

I am using Wialon cloud and trying to set up a function that can be activated with a single click or command. When the driver parks the car (maybe an unsafe area), he/she should be able to activate a "safe parking" option where:
1 - Ignition is disabled (that command I know how to do and we have a relay activated by a an output)
2 - An alarm is triggered if the car moves (in ign on or off status, assuming an override of the relay)
3 - An alarm is triggered if a door is open (a signal on input 3 for example from a magnetic switch)
4 - Alarms are off if the option is turn off

We are working with the Queclink GV300W. I figured it wil be easy if we can create a macro or function that draws a geofence around the car, and triggers and alarm if the car moves out of it. And deletes the geofence if the option is disabled. But there seem to be no way to create a geofence thru a command, correct?

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Activating safe parking option

Re: Activating safe parking option

I have a possible suggestion: if you use a command to change the state of an unused output, the state of this can be used as 'flag' or as a validator for notifications. For example, the command to say that it is in an unsafe parking area turns on unused output 2, and so the state of output 2 is your validator for immobiliser, movement alerts, door alerts, etc.