Logistics Features Suggestion

Topic: Logistics Features Suggestion

We suggest the following features to be added in Logistics app

1. Ability to define Warehouse in the orders in cases where there are more than one warehouses. This way the system will know where and which vehicles need to go to load. Also be able to define multiple warehouses in a route and ending warehouse. For example pickup from warehouse 1, then go pickup from warehouse 2 and end the route to warehouse 2.

2. Option to create multiple routes for each vehicle. For example, if there is not enough capacity to load all items but there is enough time for a vehicle go deliver and return to the warehouse to load again.

3. Ability to load missing address (import one by one or bulk import) to the system

4. Use maps like 2GIS


Logistics Features Suggestion

Re: Logistics Features Suggestion

Hello piperaris!
1. We plan to add "Pickup&Delivery" mode.
The user in the order will be able to specify a delivery point and one or more pick-up points.
Thus, the following delivery schemes will be available:
Initial warehouse
Pick-up point (pick-up point can be a warehouse)
Delivery point
Delivery point
Pick-up point
Pick-up point
Delivery point
Final warehouse

To visit the delivery point, the driver must visit specified delivery points.

Could you please tell me, in your task you need to visit pick-up points (warehouses), and only then delivery points?
For example Initial warehouse, Warehouse A, Warehouse B, Delivery points

Is the sequence of visits to warehouses always the same? (Warehouse A, Warehouse B, Warehouse C)

2. You can specify "add the intermediate warehouse" in case of restriction violations
https://help.wialon.com/help/logistics/ … s/planning

3. Please tell us more about this.

Anton Voitenko,
Wialon Logistics Product Manager, Gurtam

Logistics Features Suggestion

Re: Logistics Features Suggestion

Good day everyone!

Have you succeeded with adding the pick-up and delivery point into the planning module?
I've got a task to integrate Wialon logistics module into transport planning in agriculture company.
We have over 700 orders daily with point to point delivery. The question is if the Wialon logistics module is capable to recognize and automatically plan the orders through order import features? I see a problem for the module to recognize the pick-up and delivery point from the order line and plan the delivery accordingly.

Can someone please confirm if it's even possible to configure the system so it doesn't require hard link to certain warehouse and use pick-up point from order automatically?

Thank you in advance for support!