Shenzhen Eview EV-200,EV-07S,EV-07W,EV-07BX copies Sweden Minifinders

Topic: Shenzhen Eview EV-200,EV-07S,EV-07W,EV-07BX copies Sweden Minifinders

The sales manager at Shenzhen Eview who recently sold me their new "4G" EV-07BX-A where the X signifies 4G as opposed to their 2G model of same, and the A stands for the American choice of cellular frequencies.  Sure enough, at this moment you have 16 registered EV-07B trackers with 4 online right now, so that's quite significant in light of Eview offering free tracking for life at their new server smart-locator.com which is replacing the smart-tracking.com server they plan on permanently shutting in September 2020. That transition to a very different and it's fair to say "problematic" replacement was very disappointing because their old server had fantastic uptime and it was completely self-explanatory and everything always just worked.  Not so for the new one, which is what brought me here.  Putting GPS trackers on my cats and photographing them and showing their tracks will soon be expanded by having them take pictures and record audio as they travel, using some of the new smartwatches for kids with built-in cameras. And this place seems as good as any, for now.

1. Let me start with the EV-200 Dog Tracker.  The picture you have with the red label on the black collar is exactly the same as what was sold to me by Shenzhen so I probably have the exact same device as the EV-200 you list as made in Sweden by Minifinder might have been made by Shenzhen Eview.  There are 23 of them registered here with 3 online now per https://gurtam.com/en/gps-hardware/personal/ev-200 .  So it would send to port 21145 if I choose to use it.

2. and 3. The EV-07S uses 2G and the EV-07W uses 2G/3G and externally they look exactly like the handheld SOS pendant sold my MiniFinder as the MiniFinder Pico.  https://gurtam.com/en/gps-hardware/pers … inder-pico which at 235 units registered is very popular here. It seems obvious to set it to Server port 20790 as you said for the Minifinder. Is that right????

4. Finally there's the very new 4G EV-07BX which is listed as a EV-07B made by Eview, not by Minfinder. You have 16 registered.  https://gurtam.com/en/gps-hardware/personal/ev-07b and it's port whatever it said there.  Over at the Traccar forum they refer to it as the "minifinder2" protocol.  I'd rather not have to figure out exactly what protocol it uses and program it into their open-source GPS tracker software.

So my only real question is how to set up my EV-07S and EV-07W and whether they should work properly because there are large numbers of, probably, the clones of that device registered here.  Go to any place where electronics from China are sold and you'll find "EV-07" pendants with a distinctive round aluminum SOS button sold by a large number of companies, many of them claiming to be doing the actual manufacturing.


Shenzhen Eview EV-200,EV-07S,EV-07W,EV-07BX copies Sweden Minifinders

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Same problem here