Connection State in Monitoring Panel

Topic: Connection State in Monitoring Panel

I have several customers that have asked if they can change the connection state time in the monitoring panel to 24 hours, but currently it only allows a maximum of 3 digits for the number of minutes to define if a unit is online or offline.   

Specifically, I am referring to increasing the max number of digits in the connection state in the monitoring panel customizer as shown in the attached screenshot.

The reason they would like this interval increased is because many of the hardware devices we are using now will report only once every 24 hours while parked, if they are parked for more than 48 hours.

We currently have over 2,000 devices deployed on Wialon Hosting platform that will transmit only 1 message every 24 hours when parked for over 48 hours, so all of those devices/users would benefit from this.


Connection State in Monitoring Panel

Re: Connection State in Monitoring Panel

Dear chrissie and Fernando Brochetto,

Thank you for a such detailed request! We have already added a similar one to the backlog recently. We will do our best to improve the motion state in the monitoring

P.S.  chrissie, unfortunately there was no attached screenshot on the post.

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