NimBus: relative schedules

Topic: NimBus: relative schedules

In the new NimBus version, we have expanded the capabilities of the Online 2.0 operation mode and added a major functionality which allows creating relative schedules.

A relative schedule is an alternative option for creating a "planned" visit time for stops. The user sets the time of visiting stops once. But it is not absolute, but relative: time will be counted from the moment of the ride activation.
That is, to form a "planned" visit time, the system adds the deviation specified for each stop to the ride activation time.

This feature allows to expand the possibilities to use NimBus in those projects where it was previously impossible.

NimBus: relative schedules

How it works
- When creating a route, indicate the type of schedule - relative. You can also change the type of schedule for an already existing route.
- Create a relative schedule: indicate the time of the stops visits (or leave the ones calculated by the system), the operation pattern (weekdays-weekends) and the operation period (the time frame in which rides will be created).
- Associate units/group of units (as for auto-assignment feature).
- Once any of the units associated with the route visits the first stopб a ride is created and activated.
- Based on the relative schedule, a “one-time” schedule is generated for this ride.
- In accordance with the one-time schedule, events are generated (hurry and delay, no-show and others), as well as for regular rides.
- In the reports, ride information is displayed as usual: the “schedule” column will show a “one-time” schedule for each ride, created based on a relative schedule.

More information you can find in our user guide.
We hope you enjoy the new functionality! Please leave your feedback in this forum thread.

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Viktoria Chabai
Wialon Business Analyst
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