Video Auto Cut-Off after x mins or x seconds

Topic: Video Auto Cut-Off after x mins or x seconds

With the introduction of the new Video Tab, it is a great feature.
As we know- live video is becoming more affordable.
However, it does consume a lot of data and we need to cap that at this stage.
Customers do not understand that video can consume large amounts of data if the video channel is left open or viewed for extended periods of time.

When a customer opens up a video on the video tab- it can be left running forever.
For example- they may be watching live video from a truck, a call comes in or they are called away from the desk, - they forget about the live video, and before long a massive bill has been generated or the sim has reached its limit.

Currently, the video channels are OPEN indefinatly and can lead to large data bills for the customer and the Wialon Partner if the customer refused to pay it. DISPUTE arrises.

New setup.
The video auto-closes after x mins or xx seconds. Even if the customer takes a call or walks away from the desk- the video live feed will cut off automatically. This needs to be controlled by the Wialon Partner- not the customer.

1. Customer and Wialon Partner will not fight over excessive data consumption or risk sim being cut off for excess data.
2. Wialon Partner has control over what data consumption the customer can use.
3. Avoid unnecessary conflicts with the customer.
4. Keep the cost down for the customer.

Please vote for this so it can be done asap.


Video Auto Cut-Off after x mins or x seconds

Re: Video Auto Cut-Off after x mins or x seconds

Dear Glenn, glenn.pearson
I really appreciate such a detailed description of your request, it is well structured and very clear. Thank you!

We have also been thinking about adding some time out after which the live stream stops. So our thought just got proved by your suggestion.

We will add this ability in the future. Now we are actively preparing for a huge release of Video module - not just the live streaming functionality, but a lot more, so we are busy with some other staff. But once the release is delivered (April - May), we will return to smaller enhancements like this one. Follow our updates smile

Glenn, is there any other feedback on the Video tab? Would be happy if you share.

Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam

Video Auto Cut-Off after x mins or x seconds

Re: Video Auto Cut-Off after x mins or x seconds

Hi there

I agree with this , I have numerous clients who livestream as they forget to stop the video. This will definitely be a gamechanger as all the other software for MDVR we have seen from other companies have that feature