Valoración de Conducción Eficiente

Topic: Valoración de Conducción Eficiente

Tenemos la propuesta de modificar los valores del informe "Conducción Eficiente" cuya calificación máxima es 6
En Latinoamérica todas las valoraciones se hacen de 10 a 0, donde 10 es aprobado y 5 hacia abajo es reprobado. Esto para que al cliente final se le haga más fácil la comprensión de la evaluación de conducción, tener 10 a 0 sería una excelente opción



Valoración de Conducción Eficiente

Re: Valoración de Conducción Eficiente

Hello Sud Solutions.,

thanks for your request and welcome to the forum! Will be happy to see you here more often not only in your topics but also in others too. Supported by partners requests have higher priority.

Regarding your request - I would like to ask you a few questions and leave some comments.
We receive various requests from time to time to improve the Eco Driving module, but we have not received a proposal like this before. The main question is why is the current 6-point  evalustion system not convenient? What exactly are the problems with this kind of assessment nowadays?

Each country has its own particularities in the assessment of each indicator, but we are trying to make the system universal and suitable for all. Therefore, to make any changes to the current scoring system we need strong justification and arguments as to why it is right and better. The support of other partners is also important, because we only take on tasks if a large number of users are interested in them.

I look forward to your answers and details of the request.

Nastassia Maslovskaya
Business Analyst, Wialon