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Good day

Could a button be included to download the data from the "Track Player" platform ... to an external one, for example in video format or some type of animation accessible to an external one (someone who can see the trips / route without the need for login)

2. The displacement of the unit, accompanied by the map, we notice that the map is fixed while the unit is moving, if "I" zoom in on the map, I almost don't see the unit on the map,

3. add the unit's steering seats ...


Track Player APP

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Hi , just adding to this thread    we also use the track player app and its been well received by our clients , however the one thing we cant do is to see the parking and stop icons on the maps   , also we have various clients who have the use of active sensors to give indications of sensors on and off
again we cant see this on the mapping on track player .   is there a possibility of getting this info added to the APP soon please