Reports Groups ?

Topic: Reports Groups ?

Good day all Wialon users and developers,

I think it would be greatly appreciated if we could organize reports in groups like we do with units, geofences etc..

I can see that with many features in reports, (tachograph, fuel, trips, eco drive, etc...) sometimes a customer can have dozens of reports and it could be smart to organize them by features.

What do you think gurus ?

Thank You


Reports Groups ?

Re: Reports Groups ?

Grouping as well as modernization of the reporting module is very much needed. Customers do not want large lists of reports that are using a naming convention to sperate them. Plus we need to be able to create a job to run all the reports in a group.

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Reports Groups ?

Re: Reports Groups ?

Yes I think both features noted would be very handy.


Reports Groups ?

Re: Reports Groups ?

Dear partners, Road-Link JohnG
Thanks for your ideas.

The idea is clear, however I do not agree with the suggested solution.

So what is the purpose of having groups of report templates? As the main reason I figured out the one that there are a lot of templates and it is hard to navigate among them and when it is required to find the necessary one. For such a purpose I believe there is no need for template groups, but rather for some filtering of templates by a table type. What are your thoughts here?

By the way, do you use the search functionality to find the needed template among a number of templates with the same name?

Besides better navigation John mentioned that

JohnG wrote:

Plus we need to be able to create a job to run all the reports in a group.

John, could you please elaborate more here? What is the use case when you need to run several reports (united in a group) at one time? Are there any other applications for groups of templates besides this one and the one I described above?

I find this idea interesting, but more details are welcomed.

Maria Starikova,
Wialon Hosting Product manager, Gurtam