Feature Request - Fillable Fields & Dual Signatures

Topic: Feature Request - Fillable Fields & Dual Signatures

Now that we have customizable fields, it would be great if a driver could add information and/or fill in these fields.

A current example of this functionality is a Pharmaceutical client of ours who is currently integrating with the Logistics API for their deliveries.

They deliver drugs and supplies to pharmacies.   They often have to add information to customized fields for the back office to have additional information.

1 Example is picking up delivery crates.  An item on the delivery order would state Pick up crates.  They want to know how many the driver picked up, so the driver would be able to enter 3 crates in that custom field.

A great way to handle this would be to have a toggle button on customized fields as Fillable or not.

The same customer requests dual signatures on an order for proof of delivery. 

It can be an on/off value for an order, or just a non-mandatory option.

When they deliver certain types of drugs like narcotics, these require 2 signatures.

Andrew Singer